How to use the power of honey for hair?

Many of us are familiar with the properties of honey, this sweet nectar from bee pollination. This substance has long been used as a therapeutic substance in traditional medicine. Honey is also a popular natural ingredient for hair due to its many skin benefits. Here are the reasons why honey is useful for hair and … Read more

Benefits and properties of honey with wax (2021)

In recent years, with the expansion of the supply of beeswax honey, the consumption of beeswax honey is somewhat strange and new. But it should be known that the properties of honey with wax (while having all the properties of honey), is much more than the type without wax. In this article, this issue and … Read more

Properties of honey for skin 2021

Honey is not just a sweetener Popular It is in tea or on bread, but is also a popular ingredient in beauty products; Because there is a good reason for this: it cares for the skin naturally and non-chemically. In ancient Greece and Rome, the properties of honey in beauty were considered. Cleopatra often bathed … Read more

Properties of Eucalyptus Honey (2021) عطارخان

People usually know the properties of honey. But the properties of eucalyptus honey include special cases that we will discuss in this article. Eucalyptus honey is produced from the activity of bees in collecting nectar and pollen from the blossoms of eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus tree The eucalyptus tree, also known as the fever tree, blue … Read more

7 Sweet and Powerful Union Benefits

Milk and honey combine to create a delicious and healthy drink that cures colds and is invigorating. Milk with honey is not just a successful combination of two healthy products, but a new product that is much healthier and stronger than each of them. It is customary to drink milk with honey for cough, but … Read more

9 benefits of drinking lemon juice and honey

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Modern applications of honey عطارخان

Honey has always been an important part of traditional medicine and foods due to its rich nutritional and therapeutic properties. In modern times, the role of honey in food, skin care products and medicines to treat diseases such as cancer, microbial infection, wounds, burns, etc. through laboratory and clinical studies is well known. Of course, … Read more

Sugar vs. Honey: Which is Better for You?

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