Oasis Bee Company keeps honey products local

Macy Moore of Plainfield raises bees for her local company Oasis Bee. “Bees are a lot like raising children,” he said. There are great days, challenging moments, and you should always be there for his needs.” He advises anyone interested in starting a hive to look up current bee owners, do extensive research and visit … Read more

Get acquainted with the main features and differences of different types of honey!

Different characteristics of different types of honey, such as: taste, color, aroma, healing properties, time and type of production, harvest area or even price, make each type of honey unique. The advantage of having information about different types of honey is buying honey more consciously and accurately. Also, testing different types of honey and understanding … Read more

Raw honey vs. organic honey vs. pure honey

We want to discuss the benefits of raw honey and find out the difference between raw, organic and pure honey and why this type is much better for you than regular honey. Due to the influx of different types of honey into the market and the confusion of buyers, it has become very difficult to … Read more

Processed honey versus raw honey

Processed honey The process of mechanical filtration, pasteurization and bottling of honey significantly improves the texture and appearance, but also loses most of its benefits. Pasteurized honey can increase your glycemic index (an indicator of how quickly eating each food affects blood sugar (glucose) levels), which in turn has an adverse effect on diabetics. Heating … Read more