Be aware: Do you know what is in that cheap jar of honey?

British beekeepers are calling for stricter labeling of supermarket ingredients to identify countries of origin of imported honey; Because Chinese honey can be one-sixth the price of honey produced in the UK. British beekeepers are demanding that supermarkets and other retailers label cheap honey imported from China and other countries as the country of origin, … Read more

At what temperature does raw honey lose its benefits?

In this article, we take a look at the natural temperature range of raw honey. Does heating honey destroy its properties? We will discuss the effect of temperature on the properties of honey and what temperature causes the loss of honey enzymes. The short answer is that heating honey to a temperature above body temperature … Read more

What is the use of testing honey in the laboratory? Become a professional in analyzing honey test results!

Strengthening the immune system is the most important way to fight the coronavirus. According to research and clinical treatment activities, the role of honey in strengthening the immune system is obvious. We know that for Buy honey Natural, sensory criteria such as color, taste and aroma can not be the correct criteria for the quality … Read more

4 misconceptions about the authenticity of honey that are not always true

Honey has become one of the most popular products during the Corona epidemic due to growing health concerns. However, due to incorrect information, many people find it difficult to buy honey and often make mistakes. The content and benefits of real honey and counterfeit honey are certainly different; However, determining the authenticity and recognition of … Read more

Honey-Profiling 3.0 NMR module released for broker testing for complex honey fraud

The broker has launched the latest version of its Honey-Profiling NMR module for honey testing for advanced detection of fraud. The new module expands the growing database to 28,000 reference honey samples, including more than 50 countries, 100 single-flower species and many multi-flower varieties. This allows honey producers and distributors to check the purity and … Read more

Common ingredients in the world for making counterfeit honey

Inexpensive sugars and commercial syrups are common ingredients for honey cheating. These sugar-based sweeteners based on sugarcane and sugar beet include corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup or HFCS, glucose syrup, sucrose syrup, inverted syrup and invert syrup. They are high fructose inulin syrup. Cheating on honey by sugars has been shown to alter the … Read more

The harms of counterfeit honey on health

The effects of counterfeit honey abuse on human health have not yet been fully established due to a lack of systematic and scientific studies and a lack of public awareness. Possible and rare harms of pure honey, due to the presence of simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and other essential nutrients such as proteins, antioxidants … Read more