MeliBio uses technology to make real honey, not bees

California-based startup MeliBio recently unveiled the world’s first non-bee honey. The startup uses a method that replaces bees with its own technology to produce honey that looks exactly like real honey but without harming the bees and the environment. Founded in 2020, the startup raised $ 1.5 million in pre-investment from investors in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia and increased its honey production to serve multiple customers as a raw material producer. Is.

Darko Mandic, CEO and co-founder of MeliBio, said in a statement:

“Scientific advances have created a very exciting situation in which humans can finally prepare one of their favorite foods without the use of animals.”

Baklava produced with MeliBio-Attar Khan honey

At an event attended by more than 100 climate and food technology innovators in Berkeley, California, MeliBio showcased its honey-free honey (used in baklava in the photo above). The startup has grown its bee-free honey production enough to be able to work with customers in the field of food and commercial services (B2B) for delivery from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022.

On a large scale, the consequences of honey without MeliBio bees are enormous because companies that previously relied on honey – such as the KIND snack company, General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios, or even beauty and cosmetics brands – could replace Turn similar. This style of production, according to its founders, does not harm bees and the environment. “Honey is a substance found in every product category, from food to beverages and personal care products, for which MeliBio now offers a plant-based option,” Mendic said. By bringing delicious, nutritious and real honey without bees to the market, we shape our present and future in a way that is better for bees and humans. ”

Honey production without bee intervention - Attar Khan

While honey is not an important food source for humans, bees are very important for maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance. In 2020, the global honey industry was valued at $ 9 billion, and this industry is endangering the deteriorating bee system and ecosystems of the world. Fortunately, in addition to MeliBio’s innovative solution, a number of other brands of herbal honey are trying to give bees a rest.

While many vegetarians use agave syrup instead of honey, honey-like foods made from dates, apples, and other herbs are now available on the market. Earlier this year, The Single Origin Food Co. (Sofco) raised about $ 1.1 million to boost the growth and availability of its Vegan Un-Honey product. Made with only natural plant ingredients and enriched with organic pollen, this product is a great alternative to traditional honey; Without disturbing the life of bees. Of course, it takes time to get more feedback on this product and see if it can actually affect the amount of natural honey purchased.