7 Sweet and Powerful Union Benefits

Milk and honey combine to create a delicious and healthy drink that cures colds and is invigorating. Milk with honey is not just a successful combination of two healthy products, but a new product that is much healthier and stronger than each of them. It is customary to drink milk with honey for cough, but the value of this white and sweet drink does not end there. If you can prepare this concoction by buying natural honey and fresh milk without additives, you can make the most of this combination.

Properties of milk and honey - Attar Khan

Milk contains vitamins and minerals, and honey contains valuable biochemical compounds. In this article we do not want to describe the properties of honey or milk separately; So we immediately start exploring the valuable properties of milk and honey.

In the Old Testament, the land of Israel is called the “land of milk and honey.” At least that is what Moses shouted when he came to the Promised Land after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.

Properties of milk and honey in beauty and treatment:

1. Milk and honey in the morning for endurance

Just a glass of warm milk with honey during the day is energizing. Improves the body’s endurance in the stressful rhythm of a modern city and, thanks to proteins and carbohydrates, stimulates the metabolic process in people of all ages. Yes, milk in the morning with honey is useful not only for children but also for the elderly.

The fact is that in the process of digestion, animal proteins are converted from milk into basic enzymes and amino acids, and the excess amount is used to store vital energy. Milk proteins are a major component of the human diet, and honey acts as a metabolic stimulant.

2. Milk with honey for acne and skin care

The antimicrobial and cleansing properties of milk and honey are traditionally used in beauty to treat skin problems (pimples, acne, pimples) as well as smoothing wrinkles and skin radiance. It is not without reason that many SPA resorts offer a range of treatments for cleansing the skin with milk and honey, milk and honey bath (Cleopatra bath) and so on.

3. Combine milk and honey for good digestion

Milk and honey are good for the digestive system because of the presence of prebiotics that promote the growth and development of probiotics – beneficial microorganisms (bacteria) that constantly live in the intestines and participate in the digestive process.

In this case, the successful combination of biochemical properties of natural honey and bifidobacteria in milk is effective. The oligosaccharides and carbohydrates in honey stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria, which in turn actively improve intestinal function and facilitate digestion.

Therefore, regular drinking of milk with honey balances the bacteria in the intestine and eliminates bloating and constipation. It also normalizes stool and suppresses the growth and development of harmful bacteria and thus strengthens the immune system.

4. Milk and honey for bones

We have been told that milk is good for our bones as a child and we have been persuaded to drink a glass of warm milk at night. The combination of milk and honey increases the amount of calcium in the body and also improves the absorption of calcium by the body’s skeletal system.

Scientific research has shown that honey improves calcium absorption by up to 50%.

The benefits of milk and honey are widely used to prevent osteoporosis and inflammatory processes in joint tissue. It is enough to drink a glass of this drink regularly in the morning or evening.

5. Milk with honey for insomnia

If you do not have diabetes but have insomnia, do not waste your time sleeping; Instead, add a tablespoon of natural honey to a glass of warm milk (less than 37 degrees Celsius). Honey increases insulin production, which triggers the secretion of tryptophan, which is responsible for postprandial drowsiness.

Of course, tryptophan is broken down into serotonin and melatonin, but what difference does it make to you – when the amino acid breakdown chain occurs after drinking milk with honey, you are fast asleep. Therefore, milk and honey can be recommended for the treatment of insomnia, which has been confirmed by scientific research.

6. Benefits for the elderly

From time immemorial, people have tried and still try to increase their youth and maintain their vitality as much as possible. The ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese drank milk with honey to prolong its life. The elixir of life They are called.

Today, the antioxidant properties of a mixture of milk and honey have been scientifically proven. Antioxidants slow down skin aging and smooth out wrinkles and age spots. Of course, in this case, honey plays the main role, but milk makes the process of using honey pleasant.

7. Milk with honey for coughs and colds

As mentioned above, the combination of milk and honey is much more effective than milk and honey separately, which is confirmed by scientific research. Milk with honey can fight not only ARVI and the flu, colds and coughs, but also Staphylococcus.

Concluding remarks

Although it is worthwhile to pay attention to the properties of honey and milk alone; The combined properties of these two substances, while having new properties, also improve the benefits of each. Milk-soluble honey gives strength and endurance to the body, cares for the skin, smoothes it, improves acne and radiance, also improves sleep, strengthens the bone system and also digestion. Improves.