10 cases of the properties of honey aside in health and treatment

Kenar or cedar honey is one of the most distinctive honeys in the whole world. This is because it is known as a real therapeutic substance that can be used to successfully treat a variety of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and chronic gastrointestinal problems. Everyone knows that honey, by itself, has always been one of nature’s best antidotes to many common and serious diseases. The properties of Kenar honey are very special among honeys and are considered worldwide.

This honey is prepared by bees that have fed only on the nectar of the Kenar tree. This honey with a wonderful and healing aroma is an original gift to all those who welcome its natural power. This sweet nectar is rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties along with a set of powerful antioxidants.

Flowers and blossoms of Kenar tree - Attar Khan

Kenar tree grows in southern provinces of Iran such as southern Fars province, Bushehr province, Khuzestan province and Sistan and Baluchestan province. In 1998, honey near Bushehr province was nationally registered by the General Directorate of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

Here are just a few of the properties of honey to improve the quality of life:

A natural remedy for erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems

Many common sexual dysfunction medications can adversely affect heart health and cause a number of unpleasant side effects. Among the many benefits of honey is its ability to help men achieve a natural erection. It is an herbal remedy (Viagra), especially when mixed with cumin seeds, ginseng, olive oil or carrots. It also helps facilitate regular menstruation in women and also helps with pregnancy.

Kenar honey turns into a natural erotic pill after mixing with carrot seeds. If this honey is combined with ginseng, nuts and other herbs, its function as an herbal Viagra drug will be stronger than Viagra itself.

Honey aside as an antibacterial and antiseptic

Scientific research in medicine has found that honey, along with the original, is effective in fighting fast-growing bacteria.

The ability of honey to kill bacteria directly depends on its antibacterial power. Due to the presence of enzymes in it, even diluting it 100 times does not stop its ability to kill and stop bacteria.

It is believed that bone and stomach cancer can be successfully treated with honey. This is especially true when the therapeutic benefits of honey are combined with the strong healing properties of cinnamon.

Honey has antioxidant ability. It is useful for neutralizing the damage that free radicals are responsible for. Antioxidants play a key role in reversing the aging process. Scientific research in the field of medicine has shown that Kenar honey has 150 mg of ascorbic acid per 100 grams, and the darker the color of honey, the higher its antioxidant properties. Diseases such as cancer can be treated with the use of honey (as a way to a comprehensive recovery).

Note: Other cancers that can be treated with honey are: pancreas, brain tumor, breast cancer and liver cancer.

Improves immune system function

Disease prevention is one of the countless health benefits of honey. This honey is an excellent dietary supplement to strengthen the immune system. Studies have shown that honey is one of the most effective ways to fight the flu during an epidemic. Due to the fact that this honey is rich in antioxidants and has antiseptic properties, it is an ideal defense against invading organisms. With regular use, white blood cells are strengthened, which in turn makes the body’s defense system more effective in fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Properties of honey aside to cure osteoarthritis

Mixing honey with warm water and adding cinnamon powder to them leads to a paste that reduces the pain caused by osteoarthritis if massaged into a specific area of ​​discomfort. The pain when using this method is reduced in just a few minutes. If two tablespoons of honey is mixed with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in warm water and the syrup is drunk regularly in the morning and evening, there is a high probability of treating chronic arthritis.

Honey aside to improve heart condition

The dough used to fight osteoarthritis can also be applied to bread (instead of jelly or jam). This compound lowers cholesterol if eaten regularly in the morning. This combination increases vascular function and prevents heart attacks. It also boosts overall heart function and heart rate.

One of the most significant benefits of honey is its ability to prevent heart disease and stroke. This honey lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and cleanses the arteries. Consumption of this honey is considered as a method of prevention against heart attacks and is used for those who have had one or more heart attacks in the past. Daily use of this honey helps people to maintain flexibility in the arteries, which is usually lost due to the natural aging process. In addition, with good blood circulation and better blood circulation, problems such as chronic fatigue and shortness of breath can be minimized or even eliminated.

It is interesting to know that this property of honey is also one of the properties of honey.

Honey aside to fight fatigue

Recent scientific studies have shown that the amount of sugar in honey does not weaken the body in any way. In fact, it can increase the body’s vitality within a week. Consuming half a tablespoon of honey mixed with cinnamon powder in a glass of water counteracts lethargy. Experimental studies have shown that older people are able to function flexibly and are more alert when adding this method to daily life.

Properties of honey aside for the elderly

This honey is also very useful to prevent the aesthetic, physical and mental effects of aging. Older people can include smaller amounts of this honey in their diets to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis, strengthen their brain health, protect their heart and keep them active. This amazing and very powerful product has something for almost every member of the family.

Other properties of honey aside in the treatment

Whether you are experiencing nausea related to stomach flu, food poisoning or a common seasonal cold, you can enjoy the medical benefits of honey. If mixed with cinnamon and taken orally, it reduces chronic constipation, cough, sinus pressure and a host of other problems. Honey is also known to treat stomach ulcers and untreated lesions in the lower gastrointestinal tract. This makes it ideal for people with Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

Most importantly, as a completely natural medicine, it does not have the potentially dangerous side effects that are characteristic of pharmaceutical products commonly used to treat chronic gastrointestinal diseases. While many of Chron’s own medications are known to cause cancer, people can enjoy the same benefits and a wide range of long-term cures using the benefits of honey.

For those who have ulcers in the esophagus, chronic heartburn and other digestive problems, this honey provides a natural and very easy way to prevent discomfort after a meal. Best of all, the use of honey next to it reduces the symptoms of gastric acid reflux, thus allowing natural healing in all affected areas.

Superficial infectious wounds, the consequences of surgery or burns can also be healed with this honey. Menstrual cycles become easier and recovery after childbirth increases when using honey.

Properties of honey aside for the skin

Although the properties of honey for the skin have been proven in general, this honey has a special performance in the field of cosmetics. This is one of the most effective and natural treatments for chronic and cystic acne, as the harmful microorganisms responsible for blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other blemishes. By mixing this honey with ground cinnamon, you can make a topical paste and then you can put it on the affected area overnight and wash it in the morning. Significant and lasting results can be achieved in just two weeks.

Finally, for information on the properties of other types of honey, you can refer to the honey properties page.