How to move a beehive safely – without getting stung

Over the past 50 years, bee populations have declined due to disease, poor nutrition, pesticide exposure, and more. Considering that honey bees are an important factor in our ecosystem, it is very important to protect and preserve their habitat.

Obviously, honeybees do not always build their hives in a location that is beneficial to both bees and humans. Therefore, it is important to move the hive without harming yourself or the bees.

How to move the beehive in a humane way

The best way is to hire an expert. There are trained personnel who safely remove the hive and move the bees to another area. Of course, some pest control companies decide to kill the bees, which is not the right thing to do. Hiring a professional is the best option, as it allows the bees to live elsewhere and you will reduce the risk of being stung.

If you’re looking to do the process yourself, try using smoke as a way to keep bees away from your home. According to experts, honey bees are very sensitive to smell and creating a little smoke may mislead the bees into thinking it’s a forest fire. However, go somewhere safe after lighting a smoke fire under your hive, as bees can become aggressive when provoked.

As mentioned above, bees have a strong sense of smell. Therefore, strong odors such as garlic may repel these insects. To prepare, simply crush a few cloves of garlic and combine with water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture around the nest, which may help disperse the bees.

Unlike garlic, bees dislike naphthalene because of its pungent smell. Therefore, another alternative method of destroying the hive is to hang naphthalene around the hive to discourage the bees from returning.

Of course, you should know that trying to drive away bees with strong smells is not certain.

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