Let’s learn a little about bees through this challenge! Find the hidden ant in this bunch of bees.

Bees are interesting creatures. They come in various sizes and are often popular for scaring people with their bite. Have you ever been stung by a bee? If yes, then you know that the pain you get from a bee sting is on a different level.

Let’s learn some interesting facts about bees:

Pollination by bees is commendable

Bees are excellent pollinators. It is said that out of every three bites of edible food, one bite is the result of pollination by bees. In addition, crops that grow primarily with the help of pollination are worth five times more than those that do not.

Bees have four wings!

Yes, you read that right, bees actually have four wings, not two. But then, why do you see four wings? Well, that’s because bees hook two wings together on each side to make a larger pair. However, when it’s time to fly, they spread their wings and that’s when you can grab all four wings.

Diva honey bees dance!

Yes, you read that right. “Waving dance” is a special movement by honey bees. Hey, it’s not really a dance move, but actually a clever way to communicate with the bees. How do bees relate to such a dance move? Well, they have a lot to talk about, like guiding their nestmates and helping them find the best delicacies. This shaking dance was observed and analyzed by researchers at the University of Sussex.

Now that you know a lot about bees, let’s get started with our challenge.

Well, while we’ve been talking about bees, your challenge today involves finding a hidden ant. Yes, we know it probably doesn’t make sense to you at first. Hey, the ant is hiding in the swarm of bees and it is very difficult to find the black ant among all the bees. Did we just throw a hint at it by highlighting the color of the bees? Yes, we did. Anyway, it’s time to challenge you. excited!

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No challenge can be enjoyed if it is not limited by challenging rules. The rules of today’s challenge are very simple and straightforward, but rather difficult to follow. According to the rule, all you have to do is find the hidden ant in just 10 seconds. Yes, you read that right. There is no other law than this. But is it easy to find the hidden ant in just 10 seconds? Well, we will not lie to you! In fact, it is not. Wait, who keeps track of time? Simply set a timer on your phone for 10 seconds. Yes, smartphones are perhaps the best invention of men. Now, when the timer prompts you to start, simply start looking for the ant hidden in the picture. Stop when it asks you to. Simple!

Find the hidden ant in 10 seconds!

Image source: Mr. Tech (YouTube)

Your time stops!
Can you find the hidden ant? Yes, looking at so many bees at once is scary! Did the ant greet you? Well, he greeted us!

Here the ant was actually hiding!


Image source: Mr. Tech (YouTube)

Congratulations, dear readers! You found the hidden ant, but hey, what’s the hidden ant doing in this swarm of bees? Did he intend to steal some honey?