The harms of counterfeit honey on health

The effects of counterfeit honey abuse on human health have not yet been fully established due to a lack of systematic and scientific studies and a lack of public awareness. Possible and rare harms of pure honey, due to the presence of simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and other essential nutrients such as proteins, antioxidants and minerals, are significantly less than counterfeit honey. While honey has antibacterial properties and helps fight colds and some digestive problems, a mixture of invert sugar or yellow sugar in counterfeit honey can sometimes limit the antibacterial properties of honey and lead to stomach disorders. . Cheating on honey harms the health of consumers, which may lead to high blood sugar, followed by the release of insulin and type II diabetes, abdominal weight gain and obesity, high blood fat levels and high blood pressure. All these ingredients remind us of the need to buy original honey.

Consumption of glucose in fake honey may increase insulin secretion. Insulin activates the plasma membrane enzyme system with NADPH-oxidase properties and thus produces not only H2O2 and fructose but also Increases uric acid in humans. The production of uric acid in the body has adverse effects, namely the inability to remove lipophilic radicals and break the diffusion of radical chains in the fat membrane. Under similar conditions, glucose and fructose produce ROS through various mechanisms in the body, which is harmful to human health and causes chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease and ultimately insufficiency. It becomes a heart.

The researchers also examined the short-term (two weeks) and long-term (16 weeks) effects of two different brands of honey consumption in the Malaysian market using male rats. This finding showed that a total of five mice from both groups of fake honey showed early death and many abnormal symptoms were observed compared to mice fed natural honey (pineapple honey) as a control group. Abnormalities in the fake honey group indicate significant body weight, fat pads, and BMI, and serum lipid profile (triglycerides, cholesterol, and glucose levels) increase dramatically. Because glucose and fructose can be immediately converted into energy within cells, they have a lower glycemic index than sucrose. These results can show that long-term consumption of counterfeit honey has a detrimental effect on human health and requires the actions of local and international authorities to control and regulate this.

Kidney serology and toxicology study on mice that consumed counterfeit honey for 16 weeks showed kidney damage due to their loss of ability to excrete creatinine and urea from the serum. In another study, it was shown that long-term high-sucrose diets may lead to elevated urea and creatinine. Meanwhile, the researchers said that long-term use of HFCS (a substance found in counterfeit honey) leads to a failure of glomerular filtration in mice.

In other studies, mice fed sugar-fake honey observed pale reddish color, exceptional kidney size, and extra-renal nodules. There was also an abnormal difference in the appearance of the liver, with a slight change in color to brown, especially in the middle of the surface of this organ. In detail, some of the livers showed an almost brown surface and were smaller in size, with whitish risenodules all over the liver. Regardless of the difference in weight, the relative weights of the kidneys and lungs of rats fed fake honey showed a significant increase compared to controls in the control group. Furthermore, The hearts and brains of rats fed fake honey showed a significant decrease. This type of intensive research may be harmful to the human body, and authorities should be aware of the consequences of honey fraud.

Natural honey has beneficial effects such as lowering total cholesterol and LDL in overweight healthy people, while consuming 3 to 20% of dietary fructose increases total cholesterol and LDL by 9% and 11%, respectively. In this regard, adding sugar to honey can be very effective for human health.

Although examining the direct impact of counterfeit honey on human health is an impossible process, it is a very important process and requires moral approval. As far as we know, no study has examined the toxic effects of counterfeit honey on humans. However, more animal studies are needed on the toxic effects of counterfeit honey to correlate the results with humans.


Various studies have examined the effect of substances in various counterfeit honeys on internal organs. Several sugars in commercial (industrial) honey, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, sugar syrup and fructose were tested on the internal organs of mice. These substances increase blood urea and creatinine, increase visceral fat pads and total body fat, acute and chronic kidney damage and hyperglycemia, which can lead to the death of the animal. These results will show the importance of natural honey detection methods.