MeliBio real honey, made without bees, comes to 75,000 European stores

European consumers will soon be able to consume real honey without exploiting a bee. That’s because MeliBio, the California-based startup that unveiled the world’s first true bee-free honey, recently announced a partnership with Narayan Foods, Europe’s largest organic and sustainable plant-based food producer. Through this partnership, MeliBio will be available in 75,000 European stores under … Read more

The world’s first vaccine for declining honey bees has been approved for conditional use by the United States

A biotech company announced this week that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has granted them conditional approval for a honey bee vaccine. The vaccine boosts the bee’s immune system to fight American Foulbrood, a colony-attacking bacteria-based disease caused by Paenibacillus larvae. Vital to our food supply, honeybees are plagued by American Foulbrood, which … Read more

Teachers attend the Bee Training Institute in Roscoe

Edmonds Central is hosting a bee training institute where teachers from 23 other school districts will learn how to operate their own beehives at their schools. Edmonds Central science teacher Spencer Cody created the program to not only bring bee hives to her students, but to other districts as well. In May, we actually had … Read more

Honey bees have a shorter lifespan compared to 50 years ago

The lifespan of honeybees has decreased significantly. New research shows that their lives are 50% shorter today than half a century ago. This research was conducted in a laboratory and showed that this drop is due to something other than a change in environmental conditions. “Honey bees are our most important pollinators and provide many … Read more

The startup Bee-io introduced the world’s first cultivated honey

Did you know that the main purpose of honey is to provide carbohydrates and other vital elements such as amino acids, antioxidants and natural antibiotics for bees? In fact, many vegans avoid honey because industrial honey production may be harmful to bees. Many vegans do not differentiate between beekeeping and other categories of animal husbandry. … Read more