Be aware: Do you know what is in that cheap jar of honey?

British beekeepers are calling for stricter labeling of supermarket ingredients to identify countries of origin of imported honey; Because Chinese honey can be one-sixth the price of honey produced in the UK. British beekeepers are demanding that supermarkets and other retailers label cheap honey imported from China and other countries as the country of origin, … Read more

3 stages in the bee life cycle

When we think of bees, most of us pay attention to the adult form of this insect. The same bee that buzzes around our backyard and causes a little anxiety when it gets too close. How often do you think about where these bees really travel? First we need to know a little about the … Read more

Utilizing God-given talent of bees in design

Neri Axman, an American architect and designer, has built an artificial apiary to study how bees build structures such as hexagonal and waxy honeycombs and operate inside the hive. Developed in collaboration with The Mediated Matter Group, the Synthetic Apiary II allows researchers to track and monitor bee behavior using computational tools. By studying bees … Read more

How to use the power of honey for hair?

Many of us are familiar with the properties of honey, this sweet nectar from bee pollination. This substance has long been used as a therapeutic substance in traditional medicine. Honey is also a popular natural ingredient for hair due to its many skin benefits. Here are the reasons why honey is useful for hair and … Read more

At what temperature does raw honey lose its benefits?

In this article, we take a look at the natural temperature range of raw honey. Does heating honey destroy its properties? We will discuss the effect of temperature on the properties of honey and what temperature causes the loss of honey enzymes. The short answer is that heating honey to a temperature above body temperature … Read more