MeliBio uses technology to make real honey, not bees

California-based startup MeliBio recently unveiled the world’s first non-bee honey. The startup uses a method that replaces bees with its own technology to produce honey that looks exactly like real honey but without harming the bees and the environment. Founded in 2020, the startup raised $ 1.5 million in pre-investment from investors in the United … Read more

9 benefits of drinking lemon juice and honey

Have you ever wondered why the combination of lemon and honey in water or tea is so refreshing and soothing? Lemon and honey are two completely different products in terms of taste and properties, but when mixed properly, they have amazing health benefits. The properties of lemon juice and honey are so great that this … Read more

Common ingredients in the world for making counterfeit honey

Inexpensive sugars and commercial syrups are common ingredients for honey cheating. These sugar-based sweeteners based on sugarcane and sugar beet include corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup or HFCS, glucose syrup, sucrose syrup, inverted syrup and invert syrup. They are high fructose inulin syrup. Cheating on honey by sugars has been shown to alter the … Read more

Benefits of Honey for Digestion عطارخان

The digestive system is a complex biological structure consisting of a group of organs whose job is to convert food into energy and other nutrients for the proper functioning of the whole body. The digestive system moves food in different directions and in the process breaks down food into molecules, which are used as fuel … Read more

The harms of counterfeit honey on health

The effects of counterfeit honey abuse on human health have not yet been fully established due to a lack of systematic and scientific studies and a lack of public awareness. Possible and rare harms of pure honey, due to the presence of simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and other essential nutrients such as proteins, antioxidants … Read more