Is honey really “bee vomiting”?

The idea that honey is “bee vomiting” stems from the fact that bees chew nectar before turning it into honey, take it into their stomachs and spit it out. People think of vomiting as something that goes down their esophagus and goes to the stomach and then has to go back up. However, some scientists … Read more

Honey cheating methods (3 main methods)

Simply put, honey cheating is usually classified as direct, indirect (nutritional honey) and mixed. Adding sugar syrup directly after honey production is a cheating method to increase the sweetness of honey. Indirect fraud, meanwhile, with overfeeding of bees (during the pollen and nectar collection period for honey production) with Honey، chemicals And Industrial sugars It … Read more

Sugar vs. Honey: Which is Better for You?

While refined sugar and honey are both sources of sugar and provide sweetness, honey is often cited as a healthier, more nutritious choice, but is that true? Here is a complete review of honey versus sugar and an answer to whether honey is really a healthier option. What is the difference between honey and sugar? … Read more

History of human use of honey

Honey has been used by humans for nutritional and therapeutic purposes since ancient times. Several historical evidences clearly indicate the collection of honey and our ancestors used it well. Archaeological documents claim that wild honey was harvested by humans about 10,000 years ago. Some sources indicate that beekeeping was practiced by the Egyptians in 2400 … Read more